My Pad

So, I could not think what I would use an Ipad for. I mean I have a computer, I have an Iphone. I was covered.

I was given an Ipad by my estimable friend Topher White and now it is my closest companion.

So, it has the email, the web, the photos, the big screen. All this I knew about. What I had never done was read a book on a screen. I have now read 2 novels from Ibook and am half way through the 3rd. To my astonishment I love it. You can read anywhere. I had to wait 30 mins in the IRS office and just whipped it out.

Read that book

I have also got a word processing App called Pages. It is brilliant.  What this means is that I can travel the City on Big Red, sit in a cafe and write on the Pad. It is there. I do not have to wait until I get home.

So, I was wrong. I didn’t know what I would use an Ipad for but I sure do now. You can read, write, listen, look, connect, send without a hulking laptop

My pad

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One Response to My Pad

  1. elisabeth says:

    this is my favorite part, “a hulking laptop.” Remember when laptops were like 20 lbs.? and still considered lightweight and convenient.

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