So, I have some time. Throughout years of sedentary work I have always dreamed of really getting fit. Why? Narcissism. No more gut, no more flaps of fat hanging over the edges of my trousers, no more jowls.

Just six blocks from the house is the San Francisco University sports facility. SFU is a private school. I pedal up on the Bianchi and go to the desk.

” Hi, I live around here and I was wondering if I could use the facilities here.”

” Why sure – we’ve got the pool, weight rooms, and you can join classes in Pilates, Yoga, Boxing boot camp, Stretching, Circuit, Zumba, Spin, Hip Hop, Body sculpting, Capoeira, etc, etc, etc ”

“You mean I can do all these classes?”

“Yes sir.”

“When are you open?”

“ 7:00 through 10:00, Jenny here will show you around.”

We tour. It is incredible.

So, I have a like totally world-class fitness center at my disposal.

I sign up tomorrow.

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