Scottish Bridge

So, for a long time I have had a wish to bike across the Golden Gate. In the office, it was like this – the brilliant blue of the bay, the sharp outlines of the skyscrapers in the financial district, red towers, boats, seagulls.

So, I take the Bianchi up Arguello, then through the Presidio and hit the bridge. Swirling fog masks everything -you can barely see the water let alone the city.  It is cold. It is like Scotland. Anyway I weave throughout the strollers and stop past one of the towers. “Could you take my photo, please?” – ” Aye nae bother pal” says the man from Glasgow.  Whole bunch of people from Scotland!

Frae Scotland

So, I get to the Marin side and the viewpoint is in beautiful hot sun. Two guys in denim shorts are dancing and washing a car and the bikers helmet says ” Not all who wander are lost.”

Clean that car!

I cycle back and have Vietnamese soup on Clement – $6.50

Vietnamese Soup, salad, tea.

I like the dance and car cleaning. There is a lot of room for development on this theme.

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One Response to Scottish Bridge

  1. james says:

    Haha thouse guys cleaning the car is too good!

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