De Jongh Ones

I go to the De Jongh Museum only because it is just beside the statue of Robert Burns. At the entrance to the museum is a work by Andy Goldsworthy that is a crack in the paving stones that continues on a meandering trip through big chunks of stone until it reaches the entrance.


I take some photos and notice some theatrical people going into the museum. I follow. So, it appears there is an evening entertainment to celebrate an anniversary in Mexican history. I am ashamed to say I never worked out which event was being celebrated.

I wander around the exhibition of American art. I like it.  It is refreshing. Very large collection of not only US art but also Mexican and Inuit.




I have avoided paying somehow as no one asked me for a ticket and I suppose normal procedure had been suspended due to the party. This did not me feel less guilty and I physically flinched if one of the attendants looks at me.

The crowd gathers in the downstairs. The bar opens. There is a scurrying of technicians and suddenly we launch into a full-on fashion show.

Before the ballet

Then there was a ballet and then I left. Hmmm, what next?

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