So, when I left my last job I weighed 112 kilos – that ‘s 246 pounds.  I decided to lose weight and on the advice of good friend Hiroshi Matsomoto cut out carbohydrates entirely. This means no bread, pasta,  butter, potatoes, milk, corn, beer and so on.

I have been doing this since mid July and I enjoy the discipline. It is like  a new hobby.  I do not find it a strain at all. I mean I just eat huge amounts of meat and fish and that is what I like to do anyway.  I now cheat by eating home mixed muesli for breakfast. I will write a separate blog on muesli as it is one of the wonders of California. I also drink wine but much less than before. Asian food is a difficulty. There are so many astounding restaurants around here but nearly everything includes noodles or rice. I will survive.

The examiner

Anyway it seems to work as I am now down to 103 kilos – 227 pounds. I hope to get to 99 kilos just to break the triple digit barrier. Now I have a gym and am riding Big Red I see no reason why not.

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