Boxing Boot Camp with Roxie

Who could resist this course? The title is so butch. What will Roxie be like?

So deeply anxious I turn up at the Boxing Gym at Koret. Young people, mainly women, mill around looking tough. There is a ring, speedballs, heavy bags, all the stuff I have seen in Rocky. Roxie is 5ft 5, squat, very bouncy and, when I ask her if I should do this class, tells me not to be a sap. Pounding Mexican beat music; we start with warm up exercises after which I am exhausted. We then do basic moving weight from foot to foot followed by punch combinations. Jab, jab, duck, weave. Jab, jab, right hook, straight left. Jab, jab, left uppercut, straight right. On and on, constantly bouncing from foot to foot with Roxie circling and demonstrating. She is really good, moving in a constant rhythm, perfectly balanced and throwing lightning punches. I lurch and stumble with sweat pouring off. Will it ever end?

Well it does temporarily but not for long as Roxie sets us on the heavy bags. All the combinations we have practiced we then take out on the heavy bag. This is even more exhausting but I love bashing away with real gloves and sweat pouring into my eyes. I practice wiping sweat out of my eyes with back of my gloves then shrugging my shoulders just like Jake LaMotta.

Next is agonizing work on the mat -push ups and the like followed by hand exercises.

It is over! I have been through Boot Camp with Roxie. It is a real workout, nothing spiritual but grunt and sweat; incidentally all the young women could take me in one round with no difficulty.

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