The Back Porch

So the house comes with a sizeable back porch that is accessible from the kitchen. It looks out onto the backyard which is a mess and we are not allowed to go there.  The porch has a lot of potential. When I arrived it was completely closed in with white – actually black from years of exposure to city air – plastic trellis.


Dirty not nice


This trellis shut out virtually all the light and was filthy. So we took it down; to the Landlady’s displeasure. We then bought some planters and put in two Potato Vines and one Jasmin that will I hope clamber all over the space to create a wall of greenery. Remaining space in the planter is filled with red Busy Lizzies. Whether they will prosper I know not. They don’t get much sun and there has been a lot of wind. Fingers crossed.


Much better


I intend to clean the porch up and use it as a evening out door meal space. Maybe BBQs hmmm.

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One Response to The Back Porch

  1. jamie payne says:

    hopefully the jasmine will put off a lovely aroma!

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