So to Berkeley to visit friends. On the way stop off at Whole Foods to get  the necessary ingredients for my favorite breakfast. I call it Muesli but  I do not know if it is the correct term. Does muesli have to come from Switzerland?  Essentially it is a mixture of cereals, dried fruit and seeds. I like to make my own, as commercial varieties are always too sweet. A scottish childhood led me to appreciate the joy of porridge and salt.

The base is oats. I then add some corn flakes, some rye, some barley, and some wheat. Next come raisins and sunflowers seeds.

Old oats

Whole Foods is an incredible store. It has a section devoted to bulk cereals, rice , dried fruits, nuts , rice , beans. Each container has a shovel and you just fill up your sack. So easy and also  very cheap.

All good stuff

So why am I writing about this? I think it is the happiness of getting back to my favorite breakfast. I eat it with milk by the way. France is good for some food but not this sort of thing. The only places to get muesli were health stores – few and far between- and a kilo cost $15.

California – you roll your own oats.

Finished product

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