Melinda celebrates

It’s her birthday! The totally chic and so much more Melinda. Thursday night at RN 74 on Mission.

The bar has glass walls and sloping glass ceiling so you look up to the towers of down town San Francisco. I drink things I have never drunk before – Basilique -tequila with basil.  Citronelle – Bourbon with Lemon Grass. Radis Noir – gin with turnip.

Melinda in the middle

Lots of old friends, good humor, and  lashings of glamour! This post descibes a different kind of San Francisco experience from buying oats,  injecting much needed chic.

I have just had several Radis Noirs

It is amazing what a couple of Radis Noirs will do to you. Before you know it everyone is wildly beautiful – true- and you are wildly entertaining – false. Anyway time comes to get on Big Red and bike home. Can’t remember much about the ride beyond exhilaration. Happy Birthday Melinda!

Humuhumu Trott, Melinda Lee, Chip 'zoot horn' Dalby

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