It’s Not All Fun

As I have already mentioned finding a parking place is a priority for anxiety free living in the city. To park for more than 2 hours in the streets behind Fell, you need a local parking permit. I set out to get one. These permits are issued by the SFMTA – San Francisco Municipal  Transport Authority, I think.

“A Copy of valid California vehicle registration- must be in applicant’s name with current permit address and vehicle license plate number. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

This is fairly clear and as my car is registered at James’ old address on Van Ness, I have to go to the DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles – to change the address to 1670 Fell.

When we lived in Menlo Park, we used to go to the DMV in Redwood City and paradoxically it was a pleasant experience. The building was very large. You got your number at the entrance, you waited your turn and you eventually achieved what you came for.  It took some time but you could not really think how they could do it better.

San Francisco DMV is not the same. luckily it is only two blocks from the house but it is small, it is very crowded, it is confused, people are er emotional and the waiting time is long. I waited for 2 hours for a procedure that took 3 minutes.


The line just to get in


Not to worry, I have my new registration and proceed to the SFMTA on Van Ness. This is even worse; hundreds of people waiting,  all seats taken.

“Now serving D 121 at window 6.”. I have D 220.

90 mins later I am on.

” Sir,  1670 Fell does not qualify for a parking permit.”

” I mean, er, I, er etc.”

” Now serving D 221 at window 2.”

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One Response to It’s Not All Fun

  1. Lizzie says:

    O dear! How can that be? Well, there are a couple places nearby where you don’t need a permit — I think on the west side of Shrader? At least between Grove and Hayes, maybe beyond…also on many places on Fulton…

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