RUM, n. Generically, fiery liquors that produce madness in total abstainers.”

Smuggler’s Cove on Gough St to drink rum. This is an amazing bar first because you would walk straight by it if you did know it was there. No sign just the name on black glass window. There is a doorman. I feel cool

I don't think my Father would have approved

when he lets me in. Inside the decor is pirate and they only – I think – sell rum.

I am guided through the drinks by the estimable Humuhumu Trott who knows a lot about drinking rum.

Humu understands

Richard, Humu’s husband, drinks this:

John Wagner & Sons London Dock rum – pot distilled in Jamaica in 1910, aged in barrels along the Thames, then shipped to a hotel in Colorado Springs pre-prohibition. $75 for one ounce.

He lets me taste it. That is what I call a generous spirit. Thanks Richard.

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