Pub, Bistrot, Cafe?

So a few words about cafes around the place. I think the San Francisco cafe is a wonderful mixture of possibilities. I cannot think of any thing comparable in Europe and, as I have only lived in the SF region, do not know if they are the same throughout the States.

Emma's, just up the road

They are low key – old sofas, comfortable chairs. They serve food – bagels, sandwiches, breakfast, all kinds of stuff. They serve really excellent coffee – all the different species, my favorite at the moment being the ‘Depth Bomb’, really strong coffee with espresso poured into it. Most serve beer – I am currently sitting in the Oasis Cafe on Divisadero

Inside the Oasis

drinking a Sierra Nevada that cost $ 2. It is 5:00pm and ergo Happy Hour – all beer $2!

Mojo, Bike Shop and Cafe

They all have very fast wireless  – you can sit in the cafe all day drinking coffee playing with your Ipad. A bit like being at work!

Pubs in England now seem to be very loud with computer games and lots of young drunk people or are fake restaurants. Bistrots in Provence are also loud and the staff wish you would leave them alone. At my age the coffee bars in the NOPA suit me fine.

The Central, closest to the house.

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