So that appears to be that. I step on the hyper-accurate scales in the Men’s locker room at Koret, adjust the bottom slider to 200 and tremulously slide the top one to the left, 223, 222,221,220, what!? 219.

220 pounds is 100 kilos, which was my original weight loss target. I have now lost 12 kilos since I started the discipline.

However, I have to admit that this statistic is probably invalid as I have just come from a Boxing Boot Camp with Roxie where I must have sweated out at least 2 kilos. These are perfect workouts. You move constantly, you are using virtually every muscle, there are regular changes of activity and you are in a group all  of whom,  well, some of whom, are suffering as badly as you are.  Roxie generates total respect by her obvious ability and great grin.


Roxie - not grinning here


So feeling very smug I go to the Deli at the Koret and have a large 4 berry smoothie and in so doing gain a few pounds.

View from Koret Deli

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