Fresh Air

So after Boxing with Roxie – see following post – I cycle over to the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather is  immaculate. The Bay is crystal clear, the sky is, er, like, blue.  I am on the bridge


I am on the bridge



San Francisco


Whoao!  Jets pour over my head. It’s the Blue Angels!

Saturday is the climax of Fleet Week.

They are practicing. They fly 50 ft above my head, over the  Golden Gate and explode over Alcatraz and rocket vertically  to bombshell over the City.

Gasp, Wheeze!

They are immaculate. The pilots are fantastic, but maybe not that much better than other national aerobatics teams, however  – the setting! The Bay in front of San Francisco has to be the best place to do an aeronautical show.

They swoop over the Bay Bridge, explode over the Financial District, disappear to re-appear over Angel Island. They  spiral over Nob Hill, swoop low along the Embarcadero, blast under the Bay Bridge. The setting is ideal.


Go Blue Angels!


I was not expecting this.

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2 Responses to Fresh Air

  1. Kevin says:

    Seriously, that bike frame is too big. Dangerously too big. There must be a 4cm smaller red-Bianchi-beauty in the bay area somewhere for you, no?

    I, and your sensitive bits, will thank you.

    (Hope to see you some time.)


  2. Hi Kevin!
    So far, so good. I have grown to respect my oversized friend. I don’t mess with her, she doesn’t mess with me. Keeps the relationship edgy. Come stay with all the family.

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