Hey there Mister!

You’d better watch your sister ‘cos the Fleet’s in.

We- Martha, James, I – cycle down to James’ Institute to watch the fleet week air show.


The SFAI is in North Beach and has a huge flat roof that has fantastic views over the Bay and the City. Perfect place to watch the air show. The weather is incredible.

The Bay from the roof of the San Francisco Art Institute

First little planes do aerobatics. Then a huge 747 swoops in and flies around at no, well little, altitude and we can hear the passengers screaming.

Now approaching SFO

Martha, James

Blue Angels!   This is the best show on earth. Jets flying 2 centimetres apart at a trillion mph charge around the Bay and try to crash into each other. Somehow they fail but believe me they try really hard.

Perhaps it's all done by computer

Here they were only going at about 30 mph

Next time you come to San Francisco with flowers in your hair, try to coincide with Fleet Week.

Anyway as soon as the planes went away, a flock of parakeets flew into the tree growing in the courtyard of theInstitute.

Artistic Parakeets

We go our different ways. I immediately get a flat tire. In front of me there is a bike shop,  ‘Citizen Chain – Rosebud was a bike.’ “Sure, come back in 15 minutes, there is a good cafe across the road.”  I drink a glass of cold white wine and listen to the background music, which is Captain Beefheart. $15 and I am on the road again. Can’t complain.



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