Platinum Status Furniture

So, the furniture comes from France. It is crazy really, most of this stuff has been around the world  3 times. France to US in 2001, US to France  in 2007, France to US in 2010. I have some of the best travelled chairs around. They have a lot of miles.


This is not the furniture but it is the container it came in.


However, it is great. I have a bed  but I do not think I will use it. I have been sleeping on a futon, which I fold up every morning into a less defined couch i.e. there is not frame. I have grown to like this. The floor is  circa 1900 oak planks, probably cut from the huge oak forest that used to be where Oakland is now. I like being close to them. The bed takes up no space and has a dual function. So the mega 4 ft from the ground queen bed goes to the spare room. I have a chopping block, I have a desk, I have a tent, I have an outboard motor. I have lots of boxes that I have not yet unpacked.


Thank God, we have the outboard motor.


A lot of the stuff is old and dark and fits in very well with the Victorian style of the apartment. A few things were broken somewhere near Panama I think, but what do you expect? I hope I am insured.


Unpack stuff to drink out of



Something to sit on


So a couple of days of unpacking, changing plugs and moving stuff around. The weather, by the way, is outstanding.

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