Da Pitt

So, I have just finished a take-away from Da Pitt.


This is a Louisiana BBQ place just a couple of blocks away on Divisadero. Read about it:

“When you are craving some of the very best BBQ in San Francisco you have got to check out Da Pitt BBQ, on Divisadero and Grove. Da Pitt BBQ cooks up some of the best Louisiana-style barbecue. The smoker runs full blast day and night to deliver to you mouth watering tender BBQ. ”

Ok, so Barbecue in Europe means charcoal, outside, sizzle, grill. This is not that. It is long-smoking in an industrial revolution oven-thing with blackened smokestack.


Baby Pork Ribs with Coleslaw and Green Beans


Da Pitt is on a parking lot and there are people hanging around. I cannot understand what the young woman is saying ‘cos there is extreme rap playing at extreme volume. We finally make contact and I bike home with my Baby Pork ribs. There is enough to feed a family for a week. Da Pitt has been there for 60 years. Stay longer.

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