So, I am sitting in a cafe-bar-restaurant-hybrid called Ziryab on Divisadero. It is 4:30 and therefore Happy Hour and therefore beer is a ridiculous $2:00 a pint. I luxuriate with a Fat Tire and read a review in the Economist of a book by Ian Morris “Why the West Rules the World – For Now.”   Let me clarify ‘read a review.’ Ziryab has, of course, lightning-fast-free-wireless, so I am sitting in the sun reading the Economist on the Ipad.


I love books like this. Jared Diamond’s ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’  for example, was a very interesting analysis of how the West was won,  er, no, why the West won.


So, the review was positive and I think, “Yep I would like to read that book so I could bore people with anecdotes picked up from it.”

Flash! – I go to iBooks- search Ian Morris – up comes the book – I buy it.

2 minutes after thinking about iBooks, I am reading the book on the Ipad – drinking the same Fat Tire.

Instant gratification.


You have got to love this.


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