Ugly Duckling

So, why is it that 1670 Fell, where I live, is surrounded by beautiful highly-decorated, Victorians yet itself is visually dull?

Off she went with a quack and a waddle and a quack

The answer I believe lies in the 1930s. Apparently at that time a lot of the decorative work on the Victorian houses, which has the technical appellation of ‘Gingerbread’, was growing tatty. Rather than restore, preserve, some people just took it all off and stucco -ed the facades of the houses.

There are several houses that underwent the same clean up.  This radically simplified form was of course  probably a direct  influence of the Bauhaus school.

Walter Gropius has a lot to answer for

You have to imagine 1670 Fell with a balustrade between the top central windows, gingerbread around the windows, along the sides of the gables and on the horizontal strips traversing the façade. Think lemon and gold in place of the current GI green and then you may have an idea of what the house looked like in 1898.

One of these days she, like the ugly duckling, may find new plumage and be beautiful again.


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