Some more trivia. Following the arrival of the furniture there was some stuff that we needed to throw away – broken stereo equipment, maggot eaten rug, bike frame, a couple of wheels, supernumary garbage can, etc. Nothing huge but not things that you can put in to the normal trash.

Who picks up the garbage? This is California so it is not the City but a private company with the cool name of ‘Sunset Scavengers.’ I phone, I speak to Gloria. Gloria says, “Hey, just send me an email with a list the stuff you want us to pick up and your address. The guys will take away on Thursday morning , but make sure you put up a sign with RMJ written on it.” RMJ?  er, well OK if that is what the procedure is, so be it.

Read My Jaw?

Gloria and I, she calls me Neil, exchange some mails and Wednesday night James  puts the junk out on the street with the runic RMJ sign.

When I went out this morning, it had all gone. No fuss, no bother, all that was left was the RMJ sign. How easy.

So what does the  RMJ acronym stand for? You got it, ‘Remove My Junk!’

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