Eating down Irving

It is like this. I have decided to eat my way down Irving Street. In a previous post I intimated that Irving was going to be important during my stay in SF and now the action begins.  I will eat lunch in all restaurants from 25th Ave to 1st Ave. I think there must be about 40 so I probably won’t make it but will make  a start.  The price of the meal before tax and tip must be less than $12.  I am very excited as I head Big Red into the grey, sea fog towards my first restaurant. Anticipation of eating is one of my greatest pleasures.

First restaurant is Saiweii Ramen – Irving and 24th. It is not the first restaurant geographically but I have eaten here before and promised to come back.

I will, like a crab go backwards, to the ones I missed.

Ramen to me comes in a plastic packet. You cast the contents into a mug to which you add hot water and stir. You sit in the office and scoff them in front of the computer doing email.

This is not that. First up is that it is called Tonkotsu rather than Noodle Soup Pork. The pork broth is very creamy with tiny globules of pork grease on the surface. This is a result of, “16 hours of cooking brings all good from the bones, makes the soup creamy.” says the server. It is garnished with pickled bamboo shoots, black mushroom, seaweed and big chunks of belly pork that have been slowly cooked in soy sauce. Underneath it all lurk ‘al dente’ noodles. I drink green tea from a ceramic mug.

Not from a packet - can't see the noodles but they are there.

The staff  is fantastic – vigilant and smiling. No haute cuisine just first class food, beautifully cooked in a friendly relaxed ambiance and cheap – $7.95.

I leave grinning only to be confronted by the wheel of fortune.

It is pouring with rain and I have a flat back tire  – again. Not to worry, I know a bike store only a couple of blocks further up Irving. I get there soaked. Naturally they can fix the bike immediately and I ask them to put on a new back tire as I am sick of flats.  I zip across to the Goodwill store across the road and get an Adidas waterproof jacket for $13.

New back tire, new jacket.

The wheel of fortune has upwards movement again –  with a new tire.

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