Take Me to the Bridge

The Bridge School Concert is an institution in the Bay Area. Set up by Neil and Pegi Young 24 years ago it raises money for the school which specializes in education of kids with severe physical impairments and complex communication needs.

The wheel of fortune has spun such that I get a VIP pass and a seat in the second row right in the middle. I am 4 yards from the musicians. I see the strings vibrate. Thanks Whites.

The Youngs invite friends to play and the line up is eclectic. Everyone plays acoustic instruments. The Bayshore Arena is right beside Google in Mountain View and I feel in the middle again.

I don’t think I am cut out to be a Rock critic so read Joel Selvin,  on whom I have already posted , in the SF Chronicle.


another article with great photos


It rained nearly all afternoon and the poor people on hill unprotected hill got  drenched but in the toilets the atmosphere remained festive.

Leon Russel plays with Elton John but does not say one word except when singing. Pearl Jam are fantastic, so is Jeff Bridges and he is the Big Lebowski. From where I am you can see they are not faking it, these people can really play and sing. A great privilege to be there.

Big Lebowski with Elvis Costello

Pearl Jam

Neil Young and Leon Russell - pictures by Iphone

Buffalo Springfield

So here is a problem – in Europe a person who looks you right in the eyes, smiles and says, ” Hi buddy, how are doing? You having a good day?” is certainly a good friend or at least an acquaintance. Here it can be anyone at all. I have difficulty remembering peoples’ faces and as I reply with a formulaic, ” Doing good friend, how about you?” I am wracked with incertitude as I walk on, for this person is maybe an old friend whom I have just insulted.


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