How to explain the importance of the Giants being in the World Series? The city is enthralled. The atmosphere is incredible. The Giants have not won the World Series since 1954; please Destiny, let it happen again while I am living in the city.

They have to win the best of seven games against the Texas Rangers. After tonight’s game they are 2-0! All my life I have supported the Rangers – er Glasgow Rangers – but now I have the virus. Way to go Giants!

I watch, or actually feel I participate in the second game, in The Page, a bar on Haight and Divisadero. This a great place. There are 24 draft beers ranging from Old Speckled Hen, an obscure English Ale, through German , Belgian and loads of fantastic American brews. There is a BBQ outside on the sidewalk cooking up hot dogs and people move in and out to snatch one during the commercials.

Everyone is very focused on  the game and I learn more and more about baseball. I feel shame for my previous European disdain for the the sport – Bob Dylan, ” Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.” – it is a truly great game. No score until the 5th innings when Giants get home run – eruption in bar! Another run in the 7th – it’s looking good. The people in the bar are united, we are all friends, there is no rowdiness, no drunks.  Except me. I have had 4 beers, which is about as much as I can take at my advanced age. The Giants seem to be cruising at the start of the 8th and the commercial breaks are longer, more frequent so I decided to bike home. Big mistake! The Giants score 7 runs in the 8th innings.  I can feel it as I bike home, there is shouting and howling coming from the ground. Final score is 9-0. I know very little about baseball but I can understand that the Rangers have been crushed. Read informed comment here:

An aside; at the end of I think the 6th innings, a young women in army uniform with a cap marches into the centre of the AT&T stadium. Her uniform fits her, er, really well. She starts to sing what I take to be The Star Spangled Banner but all the screens in the bar are muted so we just watch. She sings but not to attention, she is in  the groove. Her knees bend just enough, her hips sway just enough, she believes what she is singing, she is incredible.  Only in America.

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1 Response to Gigantes!

  1. chip says:

    You summed up this city’s love for the Gigantes, beautifully. One correction though: In the 7th inning stretch (the middle of the 7th inning) tradition would dictate that the crowd would sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – however, since Sept 11, the song of choice is “God Bless America”.

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