I am a restaurant – fly me.

So, back to eating my way down Irving. This is proving to be more challenging than I originally thought as Boxing with Roxie is at 12:15, four days a week. Only Wednesday lunchtime is free and yesterday I had a delicious Dim Sum lunch with Melinda in Millbrae. Hmmm, dangerous, as this lunch project gives me a plausible excuse for skiving off the boxing. This is what I am doing today so there is more than standard level of guilt associated with the pleasure.

I eat at Lam Hoa Thuan,  Irving and 23rd,  a Chinese/Vietnamese eatery.  I order Fried Squid and Ginger – $7.85. I am anxious as my squid experience in SF has not been good. It is usually very frozen and tasteless  but lo, the squid is really fresh. Slices of fried ginger, loads of spring onions, called scallions in the US. It is delicious.

Not very focused - tea is free

Don't waste money on expensive airline tickets

From where I am sitting there is no indication that I am in America; all the clients are Asian, the languages spoken are Asian, all the signs are in Chinese. There is only one clue to where we are – the exit sign says EXIT. I love this  – cycle a few blocks and the effect is the same as a 10-hour flight. Travel by restaurant! Tomorrow I am going to Eritrea for the first time.

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