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Lovely soft evening in the Mission

We go down to the Mission, an, er, neighborhood in San Francisco, on Saturday but without the camera.  We visit the Mission Dolores, the oldest building in San Francisco and indeed the the oldest building in the World around here. It was built in 1776. The last outpost of European civilization on the West End of the World. However I forgot the camera so you will have to wait until my next visit for the whole story. Just as an appetizer, there is a graveyard beside the Mission that has some of the earliest gravestones of San Francisco. I don’t know about you but I am fascinated by graveyards and this is one of the best. No one buried here was born here.

We eat very good tacos and visit art. I read in some journal that that best public art in the world is in the Mission. James and Martha know all about this and take me to obscure alleys, beautifully decorated.

James knows the person who painted this

I return on Sunday to take photos. It is the most beautiful evening, warm and bright. The Giants are playing the 4th game in Texas and it is Halloween. People meander around dressed as Popeye, or Batman or a whole range of Warlocks and Witches. Kids, also wildly attired, prance with buckets already half full of candy and it is not even dark. Everyone is up and happy.

Yay, Halloween!

So back to Art. In the Mission nearly every flat surface has been painted. It is not graffiti it is urban art. Most of the paintings have a politico/socio theme. Take a look:

Municipal Swimming Pool



I'm leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street, In case a certain little lady comes by. Oh me, oh my, I hope the little lady comes by. I don't know if she'll get away, She doesn't always get away, But anyhow I know that she'll try.

Shop front

On the Garage

James says this is painted with special paints such that subsequent tags wipe off easily.

Was that there last night?

You get the idea – the Mission is full of the most wonderful street art. I will return to this theme but wait, the Giants are fighting for glory in Texas. I stop at three bars on the way back to Fell. I time it perfectly as each time I am sucking into a glass of excellent beer the Giants score. First on 24th, then on 20th and finally on Page – Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, Old Speckled Hen. Giants 4 – Rangers 0  Way to go!

By the way, I have a Mission. Notice extra false height built onto the facade of these houses. A sign of Italiante architectural style, making these very early houses.

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