Fresh Air

So I have no idea what these are. Sparrows but there are so many and as the book reassuringly reminds,"These species show considerable variations in size and colors."

In addition to having a World Series winning baseball team, San Francisco is blessed by beautiful country right up to the city limits.

The weather is perfect – warm and bright and so I go to climb Mt Tamalpais. Normally known as Mt Tam, which of course makes me think of Tam O’Shanter,

“Care, mad to see a man sae happy,
E’en drown’d himsel amang the nappy.
As bees flee hame wi’ lades o’ treasure,
The minutes wing’d their way wi’ pleasure:
Kings may be blest, but Tam was glorious,
O’er a’ the ills o’ life victorious!”

Go Giants.

Room with a View

Met a couple from Alaska at the top  who come down from the the encroaching dark of the Northern winter for a few days of respite. Great people.

Down to Stinson Beach – it is November but people are sunbathing.

Vamos a la playa

Lots of birds:

The Great Blue Heron

Red Winged Blackbird takes flight

Back over the Golden Gate and thence to the bar.

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