Blew It

Missed my only opportunity to be in a ticker tape parade

Huge turn out to welcome the Giants back to San Francisco. They set off in a parade from Montgomery all along Market to end up with speeches and such outside the City Hall.  I get it all wrong.


I cycle down; but instead of going onto Market to view the parade I swing into the Civic Centre thinking “Ah well they are going to arrive any moment now. Let’s stay here and get a good view of the speeches.” Bad decision. There are a lot, a lot, let’s say a trillion, people dressed in Orange and Black. I look up to the sky where planes are pulling banners. Not the “Go Giants” I expected but, “BevMo 5 cent sale about to end!” I pull out the camera to record the moment but have forgotten to put the memory card back in. This affects me more than I expected. I have become a photo addict – no event has meaning unless I can record it. I used to criticize people like me – oh dear. Missed some great shots though!

After an hour or so of more thousands of people piling in, I decide to make a break and try to catch the parade that we can see on two paltry screens outside the City Hall. I time it perfectly wrong. By the time I get to Market, the parade has arrived at the City Center and I cannot face trying to fight my way into the huge crowd.

What a field-day for the heat
A million people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for The Giants!

All the same Go Giants! Go San Francisco! What an amazing few days this has been.

Read all about it and see great shots here:

Listen to the song

Blew it. So I go to Irving for Lunch.At least I got a Tshirt

At least I got a Tshirt

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2 Responses to Blew It

  1. JoAnne says:

    Well, at least you tried – what a great day!

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