Dia da los Muertos

Four crazy days. Sunday is Halloween – I haven’t written about this but it is very, very big. Nearly everybody dresses up and careers around. The kids, costumed and in high excitement, go from house to house collecting vast amounts of candy. Monday, the Giants win the World Series – Bedlam. Tuesday, is Dia da los Muertos.  Wednesday, the Giants parade – a million people in the street.  Whew!

On Tuesday, we meet up in the Mission to watch the parade. Again everyone is dressed up. We stop to eat in a Taqueria and while queuing James and Martha start to paint each others faces. No one flinches. No one cares.

The beginning

The middle

The end

We then give our paints to another bunch in exchange for beer. Outside is crazy mix of drumming, voodoo, costume, chic, mexico, sentiment, fun.

24th street

Probably a lawyer

We do our bit

Holding cans of beer disguised in brown paper bags, we walk through the maze of altars to honor dead loved-ones  that have been erected in the Mission park and stroll straight  past a bevy of cops. Drinking on the streets is illegal in California.

Lady cop, “You gonna have to dump those drinks.”

We pour the beer into the base of a bottle brush tree.

Lady cop, ” Sorry bout that.”

Us, “It’s OK, don’t worry about it.”

Strange interaction having broken the law.

Honour the dead

Here is some info on  the Dia da los Meurtos.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

I need a rest from this frenzy.

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