Eat the Street

Irving is very quiet as I make my way to the next restaurant as I eat the street. Half the population of San Francisco is celebrating the Giants downtown. I eat in The Happy Bakery, 2249 Irving.


Fried beef dumplings, shrimp dim sum , pork dim sum , leek, shrimp and onion dim sum,  3 of each, the whole thing comes to $6!

The décor is functional meaning there are tables and chairs in tasteful Formica. The Bakery really caters for the carry out crowd. A stream of people pass by the counter, order and depart moments later with cheap, freshly cooked, delicious, fast-food. Steaming trays of new dim sum pass by as I write. There are two sides to the Bakery one does dim sum where I am, the other does rice, chicken, seafood, chow mein stuff. 2 items $4.75.

The Dim Sum Menu

Why do I like dim sum? By and large it is steamed thus apparently healthy. The packaging is first class – little shell-shaped packages hiding taste secrets. I do not know what the packages are made out of but imagine it to be a rice flour pastry. It is semi transparent and glistens.

The fried beef dumplings are no good – fried too long ago and greasy-cold. The pork dim sum are good – minced pork in cylindrical piles with clean steam-the-fat-out flavor. Shrimp very good – two big shrimp fresh-tasting and juicy. Leek, onion and shrimp – delicious, leek barely cooked, shrimp juicy, onion like onion. Great combination of taste and texture. 3 for $1.50 has to be one of the best fast food buys in the world.

The staff wander around talking to each other loudly – this is not service oriented.

This ain't no disco

Hit it!

This ain’t no disco

It ain’t no country club either

This is  Chinese fast-food, cheap, fast, no frills.

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