Les Twins

The Bollyhood is unlike any place I have been to before. It is a multi cultural, dance studio, performance venue, and bar. It is in the Mission. Martha and James take me there to watch Les Twins dance.


Two big rooms, one with a bar and Deejay podium; the other is a dance studio that  has a mirror along the length of one wall.

The majority of people are speaking French. There are French, Senegalese, Maghrebians, Haitians, Antilleans, then rest are San Franciscans and therefore from everywhere. There are mothers with babies, young, old, conservatively dressed, radically dressed and no one cares.

This is theyThe Twins are running a dance class when we get there. They take turns to go through series of movements that demand incredible agility and speed. These are then strung together into a dance sequence. Martha and James do it but I have to keep myself fresh for boxing.

Then there is a troupe of Haitian Dancers who go crazy to drums. They drink rum, which they spray on each other. The leader runs around asking for a briquet but luckily no one understands him. Then some rap singers, then some hip hop dancers dressed in tuxedos, then some kind of band and then the Twins.

They are 6ft 2ins tall identical twins. We got talking with them because of the French language thing and they are sweet. I was expecting gangsters.

They are incredible. Check out all the videos. Employ them.


The guys from Yak films who make the YouTube videos were there.


Interesting conversations of how to translate millions of hits on a You Tube clip into money. Anyone who has ideas contact me and we can go into business.

Then we all start dancing. The crowd, the dancers, all together. Following  chaos or some pattern that I could not follow, one of the professionals would suddenly do a solo in the middle of the rest of the dancers. Encouraged, talented amateurs then started stepping in to do a turn.  A cameo – I had noticed one women who underlined the non dress-code. She was wearing  an executive, red double-breasted jacket, black pants, immaculately made up with severely pulled back hair.  Very straight. Suddenly she steps into dance and it was as if she had been plugged into a million volts.  Nanosecond movements with no obvious pattern – was she having a fit? Should I help her?

I really enjoyed it.

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