Morning Ride

I now have an established Monday morning routine. I have to move the car each Monday morning to avoid being busted during the street cleaning – see previous post

I drive down through the park to the Ocean and go for a walk around Sutro Baths and Land’s End and then have breakfast at Louis’ Restaurant.

By this time the street cleaners have done their job, I can claim a slot outside the house and live in tranquility. On my walk yesterday I saw an amazing collection of birds but of curse no camera. This morning I set off on Big Red to see them again. The weather is too good. The ride  through the park, along Ocean Beach and up to Louis’ would raise the dead, um if they could cycle in the first place which of course they couldn’t. But you get the idea. It is very exhilarating.  The air is like gin.

View this morning at 9:00 above Sutro Baths

Of course many fewer birds than yesterday but here a few to be going along with.

Ring Necked Duck

Black Phoebe - a flycatcher

This is a good one; a Grasshopper Sparrow. Never seen one before

Seal Rock through the trees

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