Hot Oysters

I go into the Toon Kee Restaurant, 2191 Irving, with some trepidation as I have been eating a lot of Asian food of late. Is this going to be repetition of previous experience?

Note Sushi place next door. Looks good. Tomorrow inshallah

Big smile from owner, ” Sit wherever you want.”  An extended Chinese family is having lunch at a huge round table with the central turntable covered with exotic dishes. I take this as a good sign.  Glass of hot tea arrives immediately. I order from the wall with difficulty, as there is a great choice of new stuff. I finally decide on Black Bean Fresh Steamed Oysters $7.25.

Fresh Frog Porridge?

The owner arrives with a bowl of ‘House Soup’, a clear beef broth, with some Chinese green, carrots and two big chunks of beef. It is called ‘House Soup’ because it is on the house.

Free lunch

The oysters are wonderful. Black bean sauce and chopped scallions on top of oysters steamed in their shells.

Doesn't that look good?

Hot oysters – I cannot think of an occasion when I have eaten cooked oysters in Europe. We just slide the living mollusk straight down the gullet and very nice too. These oysters are bulky packages of fresh seafood with just a little flavouring and the thrill of being hot.

I have a cold and snivel pitifully into the napkin. Immediately two more are put onto the table. This is place is faultless – welcoming, good service, imaginative, freshly-cooked food.

Go here to eat.

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3 Responses to Hot Oysters

  1. Zandra McGillivray says:

    COURSE you have! (cooked oysters in Yurrup.) Ecorans, World Cup, Scots against, um, Fiji, Samoa or someone…circa 1992. I missed the decisive try (Scots of course) because was out of the room, barfing, from said oysters. xxx PS love your blog.

  2. That’s right! It was some kind of Oyster Pie. Glorious, fragrant memory.
    Go Scotland – use the knuckledusters.

  3. Zandra McGillivray says:

    Fragrant? I had my head down the loo at the time.

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