My Bag

Over the years I have amassed loads of bags. These come from Conferences, meetings and such and most of them are pretty ordinary. The outstanding backpack of all time was given out at the Snowmass 2001 HEP conference. This travelled the world with me for many years and I still see the odd one gliding by at airports.

Anyway I threw them all out when I left France – except one. This is a Google bag that I got at SLAC in 2006. I have never used it and it just lay in a cupboard. It escaped the purge because its quality was manifest. Every bag has it day. It is now my favourite thing.

A very important aspect of biking is cargo – how much can you carry and does it get in the way? This bag, it turns out is specifically designed for biking, it is called a messenger bag. You sling it onto your back, clip the the securing strap around your chest so you and the bag are one. It does  not slide around,  get in the way, smell bad like so many other bags. However if you need to pull out a stuffed pig or something at a stop light, then you just swivel the bag around in front of you and  dive in. Back packs are no good for this as you have to remove the whole thing. It is capacious, strong,  well made by Timbuck2

I love my bag – thank you Larry and Sergei if you are reading this.

Let's go to the Zoo

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