One little maid is a bride, Yum-Yum

Next stop is 1 yard from where I ate so successfully yesterday – Yum Yum Fish. It is essentially a fish market that does a flourishing trade in sushi and sashimi. Yum Yum Fish has been open for 32 years and I have the feeling that things have not changed that much in that period. Very fresh fish, and all food prepared right in front of you.

Pretty slick - good for romantic dates

You sit at one of the 3 tables along the  wall facing the counter, you could get a maximum of four people around the tables- you are eating in a shop. I love the lack of pretension at Yum Yum; it’s all about the freshness of the fish.

He makes my lunch

I order a combination of Nigiri; Tuna, Albacore, BBQ eel, Tai, Salmon, Shrimp, and Octopus. Also a California roll, which is Avocado, Crab and Sea weed and slurp a burned rice flavored tea. – $10.95.

The owner is very talkative, “90% of business is take away. I get really big orders for companies, $1000 one order.”

Steady stream of people coming in to pick up sushi, sashimi or just to buy chunks of fish or octopus to take home.

Yum yum - I have already eaten one piece of California Roll

I have listened to Japanese colleagues go on about the imperative of top quality fish for good sushi. The fish chez Yum Yum is resistant, tender and melts deliciously in the mouth. I think it is fantastic but I would not know if it is good, excellent or exceptional. I am also unable to really distinguish between the tastes of the different varieties of fish. Salmon I can get from the texture and over exposure to smoked salmon at endless buffets. However my battered taste buds are not up to the subtle distinctions between, Tuna, Albacore and Tai.

One thing that confuses me is the opposition of the delicate, subtle flavours of fresh, raw fish and the mouth burning pickled ginger and wasabi. Why would you cancel out the former by smearing it with the latter even if diluted in soy sauce?

Here is a zany video

So as you have gathered I have a lot to learn about sushi. However  I strongly recommend Yum Yum Fish because it is funky and you get  a wonderfully fresh lunch.

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