I love Craigslist

Where to eat in the house when friends come round? The kitchen is not really big enough to put a table for six or so people and cook at the same time. However we do have the back porch but it is outside and chilly at night. Flash! Ding! Get a patio heater. I go straight to Craigslist –http://sfbay.craigslist.org/– search ‘patio heater’ and sure enough one up comes  in Half Moon Bay for $75. A quick exchange of emails and off I go to pick it up.

You can buy and sell virtually anything on Craigslist. The interface is really simple, there are no advertisements and you do not get bombarded with spam mail once you have used it. It is one of the great things about living here for a cheapskate like me.

It is another incredible day, warm, clear blue skies. Half Moon Bay is a crab fishing harbour and today is the first day of the new season. Great kerfuffle as boats load up with pots and bait in preparation for  a night’s fishing.

Ready to go


This what they are after

A Western Grebe looks on

On the way home I stop at Gray Whale Cove, about 20 miles South of SF. It is a beautiful beach, essentially empty. Big white Pacific rollers coming in and swooping up the beach in creamy foam. Love to stand in the shallows and feel the water around my feet and ankles.

Gray Whale Cove in November

Makes me thinks of beer

The Rolling Wave

It is beautiful.

The heater is assembled, people come round, we eat outside.  This is the start of something big.

We love the heater - thank you Joanne

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