The Mystery of Mass

A particularly tough work out with Roxie. We start by standing around the outside edge of the ring and doing a series of drills with names that are new to me. ” Mountain Climbers! – Butt Kicks! – Lumberjacks! – High Knees! – Tap Toes! – Dips! – Press Ups! – ok that one I understand. It goes on for a long time and is only the warm up. Then speed feet exercises, dancing back and forward over a line in different combinations of footwork. Most of the other people in the class are young women who barely break sweat. It is a killer, my Tshirt is already heavily stained.

Chiaki - How can I keep up with women like her? Incredibly fit.

Gloves on for shadow boxing combinations – jab, straight, left hook, right hook; jab, straight, left uppercut, right uppercut; jab, straight, left hook, right hook; jab, straight, duck left, weave right; jab, straight, left hook, power right. Frenzied rhythm driven by loud gangsta rap and Mex Rock. Then to the  heavy bags. 30 second combinations, 45 second combinations, “Move your feet!   You’re standing still! Use your legs!” 60 second combinations, 10 punch combinations building to 100 punches in 45 seconds,  30 second speed punching etc, etc.

The Underworld

I am about to die. We wind down, stretching necks, shoulders, ankles, hips, knees and generally shaking it out.  Roxie grins. I stand there like an overwatered window box, sweat is gushing from pore to floor but when I get to the locker room I weigh 214lbs.

Nuff said.

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