Sean Connery

Somehow I missed this restaurant on my way down the street of culinary joy. I double back to Marnee Thai.

It is Saturday 20 November, Scotland have beaten South Africa! This truly rare event has to be celebrated. I dedicate this meal to the wee boys in blue and to demonstrate my respect I lash out with a $11.95 meal, just 5 cents below my absolute maximum.

Basil as a vegetable?

I order Hor Mok – Steamed snapper in curry mousse with cabbage and Thai basil served in a banana leaf bowl.

The restaurant is full: Grass matting  on walls and ceiling, beautiful, fresh orchids on every table.

Matting on the walls

The dish is, from the bottom up, layers of basil, cabbage, and fish topped off with a hot -curry -sort -of -solid -mousse -stuff that has a texture a bit like scrambled egg. All this cooked and presented in a inside a leaf bowl.

It is good. The novelty for me is eating basil as a vegetable. I would have thought the taste too strong but not so. It is an imaginative alternative to the more usual Thai dishes than I am familiar with. It is not on the standard menu but is served as a special on the weekend. Was I supposed to eat the bowl?

So is it worth twice the price of huge Dim Sum lunch? I struggle against my meaness to say – yes. I mean $ 11.95 is not exactly expensive for a delicious, carefully prepared, beautifully presented lunch in a hand made banana leaf bowl. In a swank restaurant they could easily charge twice as much for such gastronomy. However this is Irving -no pretension here – great food at great prices.

Named after the Hitchcock film starring Sean Connery, er, Scotland!

In conclusion, er, “SCOTLAND!”

Thanks to Zandra for this:

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2 Responses to Sean Connery

  1. Zandra McGillivray says:

    And we were THERE to watch the bonnie brave wee boys in blue. We screamed ourselves hoarse. Wahey, such a fine sight. All the more so for being unexpected. In the POURING rain. Of course. xxx

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