Black Friday

Apparently the health of the US economy can be judged by shopper frenzy on the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday. The stores lower prices, everybody buys and so the stores make a profit  – they are in the black.

James and I cycle down to a shopping mall on 9th to join the excitement. Nordstrom is virtually empty. Hmmm, things look bad for the economy.

Nordstrum Black Friday San Francisco


We then go to the British Grocery to see how it is dealing with the crowds.  When we get there the door is closed. We ring the bell and a very polite English chap lets us in. I asked what was on sale and he said nothing. We buy a bottle of Irn Bru.

Cadbury, sweets, Smarties

No reductions

No queues

I can only deduce that the US economy is headed for a major catastrophe. Sell the stock.

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2 Responses to Black Friday

  1. Peter Fisher says:

    What place is this? Where is it?

    • It is on 15th Street at Portrero. Have a look on Google Earth. It is the antithesis of your normal store as the door is always locked. You have to ring a bell and a gentleman leads you in. He sells essentially candy, with some strange meat pastes and sludge beloved by Britons.
      OK this is clearly a front for something much more interesting. It is a big building and I think there must be a hall behind with rows of dirty bunkbeds where expats are given pipes of Marmite to smoke.

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