Secret Vice

06:30 and I am cycling through the dark and rain. I am driven. I have to take part in my secret vice. I open the doors and there are about 40 wild-eyed,  fellow obsessed. It is the Kezar Bar and they are showing three rugby internationals  live, one after the other. The bar is warm, the full Irish breakfast is perfect, the barmaids are smiling, people are drinking beer. On the 10 screens attached to the walls we watch, first South Africa smash England, then the All Blacks smash Wales, and finally Australia really smash France!

Rugby Wales New Zealand vice

The second game

A mass of people at 6:30, which diminishes as the morning wears on. Between each match I bike home and fiddle around a bit. I ask myself ,”Do you really want to go back and watch another one?”  The answer is always Yes!


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5 Responses to Secret Vice

  1. Zandra McGillivray says:

    Les frogs…aaargh…n’en parlons pas. No heart, no pride, no idea. Ugh.
    You MISSED the wee free vanquishing the Samoans. Tense match: the winning 3 points kicked over by young Ruaoirriaidh in the 80th minute.

  2. Peter Fisher says:


    Love the blog. You should never leave SF: you need to grow old there and become an institution.

  3. Peter!
    The drawback of unemployment is you make little money. I will have to go sell myself.

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