In an earlier post I mentioned  the influence of the Bauhaus school on San Franciscan Victorians

I came across a perfect example on Cole Street just after I had fallen off my bike.

Queen Anne Row

Queen Anne Row (1890’s-1900’s)

• Round and/or Three-Sided Slanted Bay Windows

• Simple Window Decoration

• Gable or Pinnacle Roof

• Horizontal Decorations

• Classical Redwood Millwork Turned by Hand

• Whimsical Inventive Plaster Embellishment

• Contrast of Materials Story to Story

One house down  there is an identical house that has undergone Bauhaus simplification in the 1930s. One remembers that the Bauhaus school sought to create an architecture ‘marked by the absence of ornamentation and by harmony between the function of an object or a building and its design.’

Post Gropius. Essentially the same house with Gingerbread removed and stucco applied.

Actually it was probably cheaper to rip off all the decoration and slap on plaster.

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