The Street of Eternal Joy

So this is going to be a double header, two restaurants in one posting, as I continue to eat my way down Irving – the Street of Constant Glee.

Last Saturday James and I went to Chabaa, a Thai Restaurant at 2123 Irving. The inside is very plain, bare walls, sort of Thai Church of Scotland decor. Very helpful staff as James orders Noodles with Mixed Seafood and I get Steamed Duck with Flat Rice Noodles – both cost about $7.50.

2123 Irving, slowly creeping down the Street of Joyful Satisfaction

Steamed Duck with big mug of tea.

Noodles with Seafood Stuff

We were both very hungry and woofed the food down like hounds. Mine was OK. The duck leg was limp, the broth bland, the noodles like noodles. But it was hot and served immediately with big mugs of hot tea. I can’t tell what James’ food was like as he had finished before the subject could be discussed. So here we come to the ever present dichotomy of pain and pleasure. Hunger makes food taste fantastic. After a dry hike in the desert,  cold water is the best drink in the world. Drink Chateau Margaux everyday and it gets dull.

Presbyterian church decor enhances pleasure

So, although not the best food I have had on Irving, it came fast, with grace and was just what we wanted.

Today I go to the  Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant, 2026 Irving Street.  Yay! I have moved onto a new block.

It is starting to drizzle; this will have significance

It is not often that I eat in a vegetarian restaurant let alone  a kosher, vegan restaurant as the Shangri-La purports to be.  The menu is really interesting!

Makes a change from Steak, frites, salade

I order  the Dioscoria fried with vegetarian lamb – strengthening the spleen and blood and nourishing, energizing, increasing internal energy – $7.75

Vegetarian lamb, an oxymoron if there ever was one, broccoli, peas, tomato, mushroom, red pepper stir-fried and starring big slices of Dioscorea.

It comes with delicious cinnamon tea and a salad.

Spot the Dioscorea - there is a slice at 6-0-clock, to the right of the mushroom

It is delicious.  Those who know my preference for flesh will understand what a compliment this is. A word about the atmosphere, it is cosy, friendly and I like it. This restaurant feels small town rather than big city. Clients are greeted by first names. Several people did not appear to order; the owner knew what they wanted.


On the way home in the drizzle, I skid on a tram track  and crash spectacularly. I bounce off the street like a basket ball but find my feet unhurt. I put this down to strengthened  spleen and blood,  being nourished, energized with increased internal energy. So check out the Shangri-La – cheaper than health insurance.

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One Response to The Street of Eternal Joy

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Ah, the dichotomy of pain and pleasure. We even have a word for it in English: Schadenfreude.

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