Very Senior Moment

After Boxing Boot Camp with Roxie and a swim, I return to the locker room at Koret exhausted but frighteningly fit.  The Koret people give you a padlock for a locker if you wish. These locks have a pre-installed combination. There is also a technique to make them open. Spin 3 times, clockwise to the first number, anti-clockwise to the second number but make sure you pass it once before stopping on it the second time around, then clockwise to the third number and hopefully feel a click. This sounds pretty simple but in fact  it never seems to work the first nor second nor third time I try.

A section of Men's Locker Room at Koret without men but notice the locks

I try to open my lock but fail. I try again and again and again and again. You get the idea. At first I am stoical, then analytical, then panicked. A kind stranger tries to no avail. I try again and again and again and again. I am naked except towel so cannot seek help from the reception. In ‘A Handful of Dust’ by Evelyn Waugh, the hero is condemned to eternally read Dickens to a madman with no hope of escape. I know how he felt.  People come and go, eyeing me with pity until, 20 minutes later, one says, “I think that’s my locker.”

Of course it is. Mine is the one next to it.

I will croak murmuring 12-2-24

Post Scriptum. The showers at Koret have to be mentioned. Super-abundant, high pressure water, adjustable to the exact temperature to suit your mood. Free washing fluid stuff.

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One Response to Very Senior Moment

  1. Bob Logan says:

    Bless you for sharing! After ten minutes with the same problem in the locker room at the Seattle Olympic Club, clad in my stylin’ towel I sauntered into the reception area and asked the embarrassed young lady at the desk for help.
    Agreeing to pay the $20 fee, a nice young man accompanied me to the locker room with the “Alzheimer bolt cutters”. Lock cut and removed to discover NOT my things in that locker! No idea which locker was mine and not able to convince the bolt cutter guy to cut every lock, I enjoyed systematically inputing my combination on each lock. 73 attempts and I was into my clothes and out of there; never to return.

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