King Wonton and the Noodles

As I am getting this meal for free, I order Roast Mushrooms and Goose Intestines -$11.99 – one cent shy of my top limit of $12.00 for lunch. I am being rewarded for some physical labour, moving Xmas decorations from a loft. I like physical labour and I am pondering the possibility of hiring myself out. How many people want their decorations moved I wonder. Anyway Bebo and I go to the street of constant contentment for lunch. I have eaten my way through another block and am now approaching 19th street.

'King Wonton and the Noodles'

Once again it is China, big screen with Chinese TV news, all signs in Chinese, all people Chinese. First big mugs of tea and then the food. So what are goose intestines supposed to taste like?  These ones are rather nice, vaguely chewy with a definite goose flavour. There are at least 4 different varieties of mushroom and also green beans, chili, ginger. I like to eat new stuff and this meal falls heavily into this category.


Bebo went for the more traditional Sweet and Sour Pork $7.00 – pineapple, pork, pepper and non alliterative onion. Looks a bit chunky to me but Bebo expressed happiness and joy.


I asked one of the waitresses if the food was from a specific region of China or maybe Hong Kong. ” Hong Kong food and Chinese food is the same!” I hope she didn’t think my question was political.

How to make noodles


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