I was never a gadget person. I hated my Palm, detested my Blackberry. I despised their fiddly little buttons and endless menus. Then someone gave me an IPhone and I instantly loved it.  So good looking, so easy to use, no buttons for my clumsy sausage fingers. I could find my way around foreign cities, play Amazing Grace by blowing through its microphone, go fishing during boring talks and that sort of thing.

From being non gadget, I found it  difficult to be without it. Then alas, alack it stopped working. I take it to an IPhone repair shop where a guy who looks about 14 diagnoses water in the logic board. This was like a scene from a hospital drama.  “We can operate and there is a good chance that she will pull through but it will be very expensive.”

Perhaps you'd better sit down

I am about to leave the country. I will have to get a new phone in my next abode so I abandon my poor IPhone. I feel terrible.

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