Why not have the buffet?

Once more to the Street of Gladness, to eat in Amisha Indian Cuisine. I am making very good progress, rapidly approaching 19th St, a major artery of San Francisco and for me an important psychological milestone on my eating odyssey down Irving.

The sign says $6.99. Why did I pay $8.99?

I walk into a totally deserted restaurant. A waiter approaches and pleads. ” Why not have the buffet.” I don’t think anyone has been in and there are groaning urns of food. I have the buffet.  Salad, chick peas in curry sauce, vegetable curry in pleasing acrid sauce, chicken, er, curry,  basmati rice, chicken tandoori and some other stuff. I dig in and return to my table in silence. As if sensing the mood the owner puts on some music but it is a high pitched female voice keening for  lost happiness accompanied by plinky, plonky sitar. It does nothing to improve the atmosphere. The food is OK but not novel, I have eaten a lot of Indian food. A traditional night out when I was at University was to swallow as much beer as possible then have an Indian meal and be sick.

Plink plonk


I get rather depressed. I gulp down the food and rush out. They charge me $8.99 instead of $6.99 but I am too panicked to argue.

Not the best place to eat, which is litotes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litotes

The food is fine but the atmosphere creepy. On a busy night with lots of drunk students it could be fun.

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