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Friend Joel has requested longer blogs so here is one. Let’s start by looking at 799 Clayton and then come back to celebrities in the Haight. 799 Clayton was built in 1894 using plans bought from a catalogue. The house does not correspond to the architectural styles common in SF at the time. In fact the design came out of New York. I do not know if there is a specific name for this style but let’s call it Dutch Colonial as the house reminds me of Amsterdam.

Mail order house

Notice the price for materials and labor – $3,550.

The house yesterday

This is exactly the same house inside and out, except the veranda area has been walled in to create an extra room. It was one of the very first houses built in this part of town and is still in perfect condition, coming through the mighty 1906 earthquake and the 1989 Loma Prieta quake unharmed. When built the house was right out in the country surrounded by farms – not the case today.

Trees get in my eyes to conceal the side of the house

Guess which house it is. Dudes, this is pre earthquake San Francisco

More recent shot. See how Downtown has changed. Well, in fact I suppose it has all changed quite a bit.

Bebo and Nancy White plus sons have lived in the house for the last 30 years and so it is intimately connected with the invention of the Web and ergo the way we live now.
The Web was invented in CERN in Geneva by Tim Berners Lee and actively promoted and developed by Robert Cailliau. Paul Kunz from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) visited CERN in 1991 and went back with the Web in his pocket.

Paul Kunz, Tim Berners Lee and Bebo White clustered around the first US web server.

It was Bebo who installed and maintained the first Web server in the United States at SLAC. He was the first webmaster in the USA, lighting the fuse that led to the mega colossal Internet culture that now dominates like, er, everything. Future maps of homes of celebrities in the Haight better include 799 Clayton.

Bebo White and Robert Cailliau modeling the first ever Web Tshirts

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