December Flowers

Bougainvillea just around the corner on Central

It is Winter in San Francisco. It gets dark at 5:00. The leaves are falling or have fallen. It is chilly. I wear gloves when riding Big Red. At night I can hear the fog horns on the Golden Gate Bridge going,”Wooooooooooo.” It rains sometimes and can be misty BUT there are flowers. Jack Frost does not reach into beautiful flowers and tear out their hearts with his icy fingers. It is a kind sort of Winter, or in Californian a kinda, sorta Winter. Let’s look at some flowers.

Geraniums in GG Park

OK, not flowers but beautiful. GG Park

Hortensia in French. Can't remember the English name. GG Park

Blue flowers on bush in the backyard

Bottlebrush is everywhere

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3 Responses to December Flowers

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Hortensia’s OK though you can also try hydrangea. Reminds me of the classic Kenny Everett joke (sanctioned by stuffy old BBC at the time):

    Professor: Look over there, Captain. Is that Hortense?
    Kremmen: No, she looks perfectly relaxed to me.

  2. Alan says:

    That fungi looks interesting. Looks as if it is growing on an old stump. Looks (drat, too many looks) a bit like Flammulina Velutipes which is common in the UK in late Autumn/Early Winter. The stem in the centre visible in the centre of the clump seems to have the typical velvety brown appearance. If it is then eat it, it’s a very tasty ‘shroom. Best to check though.
    It is resident in California – or at

  3. Alan says:

    Incidentally, “It is chilly. I wear gloves when riding Big Red”!

    Chilly? Chilly? When I was a boy rant rant rant etc.

    Forecast for SF Friday 12C day/ 12C night against Friday for MK of -9C day/-10C night. Weaklings!

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