Xmas in Korea

From Yoga through the mist and dreech to my first Korean restaurant on the Street of Glad Tidings, Tofu Village. I am cold and damp and generally floppy eared. A hot mug of barley and corn tea that arrives immediately makes me perk up a bit. Stark decor  with huge mirror all down one side makes me perk down a bit. It is Xmas and there is loud background soundtrack of White Xmas, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Let it Snow and  a host of other Xmas songs that are new to me. One sounds like,” Oh Santa, oh Santa, you’ve been breaking wind.” Surely some mistake.
I order Yukejang – spicy beef soup with green onion, egg and clear yam noodles-$9.99. There are side dishes of kimchi, seaweed, face cake -ok that’s what the lady told me it was, bean sprouts, potato, rice noodle and boiled rice. The soup  is very spicy and beefy. It is  dense with great muscular tone from clear egg and yam noodles, bean sprouts, shredded beef, spring onion.

The soup has malicious red colour, is hot, peppery with crunchy bean sprouts and onions.  The noodles are non sticky and all in all, ” Good job guys!” The side dishes vary in taste, colour and texture and give that feeling that I love – Neil, you have loads to eat. More tea comes every time my cup is half empty, I mean half full.

Face cake is top right by the tea.

Wet day in San Francisco with unassuming restaurant.

Have yourself a merry little Xmas

I very much like this totally unassuming restaurant. I went in feeling groomach and came out feeling good. What else are restaurants for?

I then continue along Irving to have a coffee in the Old Jerusalem Cafe. Best coffee in town. I write the blog and upload the photos and step back out into the now pouring rain. Oh dear, I have lent my waterproof to Krista. I get soaked riding home but my Yoga training helps me keep my third eye focussed on the red soup sloshing around inside.

This is a cup of coffee.


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One Response to Xmas in Korea

  1. Alan says:

    Yep, I always love the way that a decent Korean meal comes with half a dozen little side dishes. Nothing there really but it makes the whole thing feel luxurious.

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