Pho King and Country

Krista is from Victoria so we go to the Pho Hyunh Hiep or more prosaically Kevin’s Noodle House. It is the next stop on the Street of Fruitful Burgeoning and it is  a swinging hot spot, completely packed with Pho folks.

Let's not quibble! I'm the pho of moderation, the champion of excess.

The crouching man is the Pho Wizard who brings Pho a nanosecond after you ordered it

Krista gets Number 23,  which is chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish cake, ground pork and flat noodles. I get Number 3, which is beef stock with brisket, steak, tendon, tripe and clear noodles. Lots of fresh coriander, basil, lime, bean sprouts, chilies to chuck in.  Both are $5.25 – ridiculously cheap! We drink Mango and Lychee Vietnamese shakes with round gelatinous balls of sago stuff and green tea of course.  Having ordered we look around the room for a couple of seconds and shazzzam –  the food is on the table.

It is hot, fresh, nutritious, muy delicioso, low carb; cures acne,  bile, and mucus based complaints — all for $5.25!

It is the first time I have had a Vietnamese shake. The taste is delicious, yes, but it is the sensation of drinking through the straw that makes it a stand-out experience. The straw is about .45 calibre.  The magazine of  gelatinous sludge bullets is at the bottom of the tumbler. You suck hard to get an automatic burst of  slime balls blasting out of the straw straight down the gullet.


Fully loaded

Great place and best value yet.

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