Panic on Irving

I am beginning to panic. My time in San Francisco is rapidly coming to an end, yet I have so many restaurants still to eat in.  There is only one thing to do – eat hard. Let’s go to the Brother Seafood Restaurant 1830 Irving, the Street of Boundless Bliss.


The restaurant boasts fresh Hong Kong style Dim Sum and that’s what I go for. Crispy Lobster Turnover with Salad Sauce, Satay Squid with Pork Rind, Chicken Siu Mai, Beef Ball with Bamboo Shoots. I have eaten a lot of Dim Sum since I got to San Francisco but I do not understand it. I order blindly and have no idea of what or how much is going to arrive. I actually like this, it is similar to unexpected parcels arriving in the post – what is inside? It is a noisy place, loud Chinese voices. The waitress has the volume pumped up to eleven. This is the first restaurant where I have not had instantaneous service. I wait at least 3 minutes for my menu – scandalous!

Deep fried hot lobster bombs

Lobster comes first – 4 packages of deep fried lobster, very simple and completely delicious. Beef Balls are flavored with ginger, and coriander with little chunks of crisp  bamboo shoot.

Beef Balls

The squid is weird processed balls that put me off a bit. I was expecting the real thing. The pork rind resembles bubble wrap and has little in the way of taste. However spicy, er, asian sauce makes up for the other weaknesses.

Bubble wrap and round white ball

Chicken Siu Mai seems to be a mixture of chicken, shrimp, mushroom  –  delicious.


Wash it all down with hot Jasmin Tea.

Each dish has a different taste and texture. Everything freshly cooked and frankly it is a banquet for $11. 50. Yum Dim Sum Tum. I love Chinese food.

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